Which Home for the Holidays is Right For You?

The holidays mean different things to different people. Decorations, errands, cookies, parties, cocktails, family, friends, cozy nights, snowy roads, presents, religion, tradition, travel… the list is endless. But one thing almost all of us have in common: gathering. And a lot of those soirees happen at home.

There’s nothing better than inviting people into your welcoming, cozy, and entertainment-ready home. We have a few listings simply begging to be bustling with friendship, festivity, and food. 

124 4th Street, Manhattan Beach
Walk street homes in Manhattan Beach are hard to come by, and this little beach bungalow with an even larger ADU boasts one of the best patios on the block. The massive brick terrace features multiple levels, creating separate spaces without breaking up the party. Strategic landscaping provides an organic touch and coveted privacy without disrupting the vista. Enjoy dinner, drinks, and cozy nights under a blanket watching winter sunsets in this unforgettable semi-private outdoor area. Plus, house all your guests comfortably in the three-bedroom, two-bathroom back unit. 


845 11th Street, Manhattan Beach
It’s easy to entertain in a house with this kind of flow. Each room spills into the next, creating a seamless string of striking high-ceilinged, bright rooms. Mingle all the way on this main level that leads to a pristine and ultra-private backyard. Enjoy the tranquil sounds of water trickling into the pool from the natural stone terrace, hot tub, or lush grassy area. 


235 N. Dianthus Street, Manhattan Beach
Cook a Thanksgiving feast for the whole town in this spacious old Manhattan Beach villa. The entire top floor is built to wow, with artful vaulted wooden ceilings, arched windows, and a sprawling chef’s kitchen. But the real showstopper in this 5,152 square-foot home is the rooftop deck. Built before zoning laws restricted rooftop terraces, this 200+ square-foot beauty features panoramic views from Catalina Island to the San Gabriel mountains. Your guests will never forget a night in this home.

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